What to pack to Morocco? The Ultimate packing list

Deciding What to pack to Morocco or what I need in my backpack or suitcase for a long or a short trip ain’t easy. Especially when you are traveling to Morocco, the cold country with the hot sun.

Places are known for their changing climate. It’s incredible how you can enjoy the pleasant weather during the day, then the next thing you know is that you need more clothes at night, Which mostly happens when you change your place, like moving from the southeast (Sahara desert) towards the north of the country.

In this Morocco ultimate packing list, we’ve answered the question of What to pack to Morocco. And we’ve outlined everything you’ll need to pack or things you might need during your trip.

Morocco Ultimate Packing List: 16 essentials to Pack

I- Essentials You don't want to forget to pack to Morocco :

1. Passport and Visa

Before speaking about what things you should be taking with you, you need to check if your country requires a Visa or not to get into Morocco. Check out if you need a visa or not.
The passport is the most important thing you have to pack for your travel. It’s like your ID when you travel away as a tourist. And it’s better to keep it with you all the time just in case.

Before you travel, make sure your passport is valid for at least six months following the date of entry.

documents required to go to Morocco - Visa & passport -Tours in All Morocco

2. Don't forget your Medicines

Your prescribed medicines (if you have them) or tablets that you take daily, must be the important and first thing to pack during your travel,.

you may forget to take them while you are amazed by the stunning sightseeing of Morocco, so it will be better if you set an alarm to help you with that.

You May wanna add some painkillers or allergy tablets (like Imodium) to your medicines list Just in case you need them in your travel.
They can be useful for headaches, muscle aches, period pains, and especially stomach aches because you may not get along with the powerful and new spices in Morocco. Don’t forget to bring some with you, just in case. 

II- Pick the right Luggage :

3. Pick the right Backpack/Suitcase:

Choosing the right backpack/suitcase to take with you might be confusing too, which depends on you and the time you are staying, maybe you’re the kind of a light traveler or maybe you are not.

I would like to recommend you to use the packing cubes, especially if you using a suitcase, to stay organized, and know-how and where you put your stuff in. Instead of digging looking for some specific item, you’ll know right away where it is and you can simply pull out the cube it’s packed in.

the right Backpack to take to Morocco- what to pack to Morocco tours in all Morocco

Things to Consider When You Selecting the Right Traveling Backpack :


Comfort is One of the most important things you have to look for in Your backpack. Choose a backpack with padded straps (Padded Shoulder Straps, Padded Hip belts, Load-lifter straps, Sternum straps) that will help distribute the weight, not just on your shoulders. Check out this guide to help you have good use of your backpack straps and let your backpack fit you Properly.
The multiplicity of the compartment and pockets can be part of your comfort because, as much as the number grows, as much as you can be organized and comfortable while you packing, and you will have quick access to your belongings and your important items.

You don’t want your gear or your clothes to get wet, so you better choose a waterproof backpack or a backpack with a special rain cover.

Nylon is preferred simply because of its strength and durability. As well as it is also water-resistant. Ripstop nylon is famous for its resistance to tearing.


Every traveler has different needs and requirements, and someone staying for a month, is not like someone staying for a week or just for a couple of days. That’s where backpack volumes change among travelers, So if you are taking a backpack :

  • Under 35L: it’s a backpack considered a daypack, and now that you coming to Morocco, 1 or 2 days won’t be enough to satisfy you after visiting this country and seeing one of its corners.
  • 40-45 L: This is the recommended size for the most lightweight travelers, it gives you extra space to pack clothes for 3-7 days. As well as you will also be free to move around with your belongings.
  • 50-65L: is for those who need extra clothing or gear, or maybe you like more space for souvenirs, which I promise you will find a lot that you may wanna take with you from Morocco.

Everyone likes to travel comfortably, so choose the lightest travel backpack and pardon yourself for the extra weight. Choose lightweight fabrics, because the materials a backpack is made of can affect the weight.


Packing Tip :

  When it comes to packing, Saving space while you packing is the best way to pack. Roll your clothes up rather than folding them if it takes up less room, and that depends on you and how you like them. But remember to keep the heavy stuff at the bottom and put the stuff that leaks in plastic bags and things that you use much or you’ll need as soon as you arrive at your destination (like toiletries) at the top.

III- What to pack to Morocco from Clothes :

4. Various types of clothes

 clothes are something you won’t forget Obviously, but we just like you to be ready for the changing climate of Morocco and enjoy the most of your travel in Morocco. For Example, during summer in the Sahara desert, it can be very hot all day, but after dark the temperature tends to plummet, also in Winter the cold nights during winter or any time of the year can be followed by sunny hot days.

So Don’t forget while you packing your clothes to pack various types of clothes; clothes that fit the warm, and the cold weather. 


what to pack to morocco from Clothes - tours in all Morocco


Dressing decent and shy is a nice thing to do, especially for women to show respect to the inhabitants of Morocco because some of them consider a short dress that reveals much of the body disrespectful, especially in villages, small towns, and holy places.

5. Underwear / Bras/ Socks

Pack enough underwear for your trip (4 x sets of underwear maybe ). With the changing weather in Morocco, you may find yourself changing clothes many times. To separate your clean and dirty things you may wanna bring a small bag for your dirty laundry.


In such situations packing cubes can be much useful.

6. Hat/ Sunglasses

Don’t forget to bring your hat/cap to protect your head, face, and eyes from the hot sun, and also your head from dust, especially in the desert Sahara. In the Sahara desert, just a little wind can turn out to be a strong one, Because of dust and the sand, So don’t forget to bring your sunglasses to protect your eyes.

bring your hat to Morocco- tours in all Morocco

7. Scarf

The scarf is something that you might wanna add to your Ultimate packing list, it can be more useful either to wrap it around your neck when you feel cold or cover your hair in a mosque -for women-, and also protect it from the wind. 

bring your scarf to Morocco - tours in all Morocco

8. Trainers

Visiting the most pleasant sightseeing of the imperial cities or any other cities in Morocco such as Fez, Marrakech, Chefchaouine, and Ifrane…, may include a lot of walking, that’s why you need to pack some comfy Trainers. Which will be an amazing shoe option to go for a hike or just have a warmer alternative than sandals.

Even if you’re visiting in winter, you will want to pack a pair of sandals or flip-flops. They still might be handy for walking inside your Riad, walking through the dunes of sand. (or maybe you’re staying somewhere with the pool don’t forget your swimsuit too. )

Bring your trainers to Morocco - tours in all Moroco

9. Sandals & flip-flap

Even if you’re visiting in winter, you will want to pack a pair of sandals or flip-flops.

They still might be handy for walking inside your Riad, walking through the dunes of sand, or maybe going to one of the beautiful Beaches in Morocco, or if you’re staying somewhere with the pool don’t forget your swimsuit too. 

Sandals to Morocco - tours in all morocco

IV- What To Pack to Morocco from Travel Accessories :

10. Washbag/ towel

To save space, bring a washbag Where to put all your toiletries like shampoo, body wash, hairbrush ….

Bringing a lightweight towel instead of a Thick can save up a lot of room. Whether you use it after coming out of the pool, after swimming outside at a beach, or any other body of water (waterfall, lake…) Check this one from Amazon that dries quickly and takes up very little space.

What to pack to Morocco,Ultimate packing list - Tour in All Morocco

11. Sunscreen

Don’t get tricked that you are coming in another season that’s not summer, because the cold and pleasant nights can be followed most of the time by sunny days, so don’t forget to pack your sunscreen. If your skin is particularly sensitive, you might want to bring a hat. 

Sunscreen for the hot sun in Morocco- tours in All Morocco

12. Money Belt

It’s better to Be safe than sorry, now that you are traveling to a foreign place you’ll want to feel that your important belongings(passport, phone, credit cards, and cash) are safe and secure. So taking a neck wallet or a Money belt will be the best choice for you, especially in Crowded places like traditional markets or “Souks” where easily pickpockets can operate.

Money Belt - tours in All Morocco

13. Eu adapter

Your adapter may be one of the most important things to pack too wherever you go not Just in Morocco.
In Morocco, you will find the European adapter (the standard voltage is  220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz). Don’t forget to pack your international power adapter with you to charge your phone, laptop, camera, and more. 

Eu adapter- tours in All Morocco

14. Phone charger/ Power Bank

Putting your phone to charge in a socket, it’s not an available option all the time during your trip to Morocco. And no one likes it when the phone or your camera runs out of battery while wandering in picturesque sights and misses out on amazing photo opportunities, or you get lost in the city (unlikely won’t happen if you were accompanied by a guide).

Get your phone charger/Power Bank, and avoid getting into these situations.

power bank -tours in all morocco

15. Camera

You will regret it if you miss out on all those picturesque sights in Morocco, especially if you like planning to pack some pictures with you on the way back. So Don’t forget to bring your baby Camera with you, unless you have a camera smartphone with wonderful quality to take amazing photos.

Pack all your trip, all the great unforgettable moments in Your Camera

In case you decide to take a camera with you, check this small pocket Camera on Amazon, it has a pretty rating and an acceptable price.

pack your memories in your Camera - tours in all Morocco

V- You May Wanna Get:

16. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance becomes one of the most important things you shouldn’t leave without when you traveling away from Home. It is something you hope you will never need, but you will eventually. It can save you from losing your money, valuable items, and luggage,  or save you from any unforeseen scenarios ( Illness and injury, canceled flights…), which all can be covered by travel insurance if you choose the right one for you.

We highly recommend an annual travel insurance policy to cover every trip, especially if you are traveling many times during the year, or traveling on long-term trips.

get a travel Insurance- tours in All Morocco

This is just a suggested list that we think contains all the necessary things you gonna need through your Journey in Morocco, whatever time you choose to Come To Morocco.
We have summarized all the essential things you will need on your Journey in Morocco in 16 highlights, but still, this list is flexible and can be optimized.
For example, if you going on a hiking trip, of course, the list won’t be almost the same starting with the backpack; You will need a hiking backpack that can survive with you through your journey and other things.