What to Pack for Morocco By Season, Best tips to pack by seasons

Any time you decide to Come visit Morocco can be the ideal and the best time to go visit Morocco. But The Remaining question that most travelers have is What Should I pack, is it this or that? well, This Post “What to Pack for Morocco By Season” will answer all your questions and also give some Tips that you need to be aware of about The Moroccan Climate.

The spring and fall might be the best time to go visit Morocco when things have gotten warmed up a bit. However, summer is a good time for visiting the beaches along the Atlantic Coast, not to mention that Winter is the best time for snow lovers to do some skiing or visit the Sahara desert, which can be freezing at night.

Since Morocco has an arid climate, temperatures go down after sunset throughout the year, much like California’s climate.

What to Pack for Morocco By spring/fall :

What to Pack for Morocco by spring and fall - tours in all Morocco

Spring: March, April, May/          Autumn: September, October, November

If you visit in the early springtime or at the end of Autumn; in November, there might be some rainfalls in some regions, especially in the north around Tangier, Chefchaouen, and Tetouan…So if you visiting Morocco at this time, it’s good to be prepared for some rain. You may Wanna pack a Jacket or windbreaker and an umbrella.

You will still want to be prepared with some light warm clothes after the sun goes down, like long-sleeved shirts, light sweaters, and warm pants.

During the day, when the weather is pleasant, you are likely to be comfortable in slacks, jeans, Loose-fitting pants, or even Capri-length pants. And always never forget your Hat/scarf, and your sunglasses to protect both your head and your eyes from the Sun, as well as the sunscreen, especially if you have sensitive skin.


Dressing decent and shy is a nice thing to do, especially for women to show respect to the inhabitants of Morocco because some of them consider a short dress that reveals much of the body disrespectful, especially in villages, small towns, and holy places.

What to Pack for Morocco By Summer :

What to Pack for Morocco by Summer - tours in all Morocco

  Summer: June, July, and August

When you hear the word “Summer”, the first thing that might come to your mind is a holiday on the beach with friends, family, or your partner.

Then the first thing you’ll still want to pack is your swimsuit and towel, along with some lightweight modesty clothing for the hot weather, and of course, a hat, scarf, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect your head and your skin from the sun.

Now that you coming during Summer, you will find yourself changing your clothes a lot of times, so bringing an extra of underwear/ bras maybe 4x sets will be nice, along with a little bag for your dirty laundry.

What to Pack for Morocco By Winter:

What to Pack for Morocco by Winter - tours in all Morocco

Winter: December, January, February

Winter is a rainy season in many parts of Morocco, especially along the Atlantic coast and in the Atlas Mountains where it also can be snowy, so don’t forget your windbreaker and Umbrella.

Since we are talking about Winter all you have to think about when you packing is layers, layers, and layers. Pack your warm clothes starting with your Beanie to cover your head, till your socks and Shoes.

You Don't Want to Forget :

Passport and Visa

Before speaking about what things you should be taking with you, you need to check if your country requires a Visa or not to get into Morocco. Check out if you need a visa or not.
The passport is the most important thing you have to pack for your travel. It’s like your ID when you travel away as a tourist. And it’s better to keep it with you all the time just in case.

Before you travel, make sure your passport is valid for at least six months following the date of entry.

documents required to go to Morocco - Visa & passport -Tours in All Morocco

Don't forget your Medicines

Your prescribed medicines (if you have them) or tablets that you take daily, must be the important and first thing to pack during your travel,.

you may forget to take them while you are amazed by the stunning sightseeing of Morocco, so it will be better if you set an alarm to help you with that.

You May wanna add some painkillers or allergy tablets (like Imodium) to your medicines list Just in case you need them in your travel.
They can be useful for headaches, muscle aches, period pains, and especially stomach aches because you may not get along with the powerful and new spices in Morocco. Don’t forget to bring some with you, just in case.